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The fever of pro democratic movement in the Middle East, has moved to the streets of Tehran. Despite the Government brutal crackdown on the pro Democracy demonstrators, thousands managed to hold many rallies throughout Iran. There were many disturbing clips and pictures came out from Iran and covered by many world media and on YouTube and face book. But the most disturbing of all was actually aired by the Iranian state sponsored television “Press TV”; and reported by New York Times, which shows the lawmakers of Iranian Parliament getting out of their seats and began calling for the execution of the two opposition leaders “Mehdi Karroubi” and “Mir Hussein moussavi

This behavior of the Iranian government, truly represent the dire reality of the Iranian theocratic regime. This regime live in its own glass bubble and is disconnected from the real world. It reflects the most form of arrogance and self righteousness. They see themselves the true representative of God on Earth. So, they seem to think that no one has the right to challenge their authority or to speak against the regime. in other words, they seem to think that every other nation have the right to demonstrate against their governments with the exception of their own people. If nations of an anti Iranian regimes, such as the Mubarak or Bin Ali of Tunisia, decided to revolt against those governments, then the Iranian government position is to state the legitimacy and the rights of those people to demonstrate.  But when it come to their people they accuse the West,the United States of America and Israel, in instigating their people’s demonstrations.  This behavior can be seen from the statement given by Iranian speaker of Parliament today; according to the New York Times, ;

The Parliament speaker, Ali Larijani, accused the United States and its allies of providing support to the opposition following uprisings in Tunisia and Egypt.” He also added that, “The main aim of Americans was to simulate the recent events in the Middle East in Iran to divert attention from those countries,” Mr. Larijani said, according to state radio.”

It is worth noting here that during the Egyptian revolution the Supreme leader Ali Khamenei have echoed the rights of the Egyptian people to peaceful demonstrations and their legitimate rights but his government denied this right to his own people. Or to say it in the words of President Obama,“I find it ironic that you’ve got the Iranian regime pretending to celebrate what happened in Egypt, when in fact they have acted in direct contrast to what happened in Egypt by gunning down and beating people who were trying to express themselves peacefully in Iran,”

These members of Parliament expected to be the most wise and respecting the law of the land. Before any proper legal steps to incriminate those opposition leaders they were found guilty in ten seconds and sentenced to death. The picture above shows what really happened. I cannot imagine how the justice system in Iran expected to pursue justice and give the due process for those who are seen guilty. These members of Parliament are not really “lawmakers” rather they are a “trouble makers.”

It is hard to predict the momentum of these events. So I hope the best out come for the Iranian people.

Adill Hissan

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