Tribute to the Martyr the Honorable Lady Farkhunda Zahra Naderi

Tribute to the Martyr the Honorable Lady Farkhunda Zahra Nadir,

who murdered for seeking reform in the Muslim teachings

farkhunda afghani martyr

Farkhunda, a 27-year-old Afghan woman, was murdered in Kabul on March 19, 2015. She had been arguing with a mullah, who then made a false accusation that she had burned the Quran.

Farkhunda had previously been arguing with a mullah in front of a mosque, where she worked as a religious teacher, about his practice of selling witchcraft amulets at a religious shrine. During this argument, she was falsely accused of burning the Quran, after which a crowd overheard this accusation and beat her to death. Farkhunda’s parents said the killing was instigated by the mullah with whom Farkhunda had been talking, who, according to Tolo News, began loudly accusing her of burning the Quran “in order to save his job and life.”

After beating and kicking Farkhunda, the mob drove a car over her body and threw her over a bridge, and then set her body on fire and threw it in the river.

Link shows details of this crime:


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