Is burning the Quran mount to destroy life

Is burning the Quran mount to destroy a Human Life?

Is insulting the Prophet of Islam must be punishable by death, as it is adopted by the so called Muslim sharia laws?


The best way to discuss these questions above is really we must examine the murder of Farkhunda. Farkhunda is an Afghani Muslim activist who was murdered two weeks ago. Her murder is clear indication of the major terrible flaws in our Muslim teachings. The details of this murder and the motives of the attackers, as stated by media outlets, confirm my belief that Muslims worship their system of belief; àqeeda and they do not worship God. According to Afghani official sources, the crowd decided to brutally attack this women as a response to the shouts of one Mulla whom she was trying to educate regarding witchcraft, shouted that she burned the Quran and the shouts of “AllahuAkbar” followed by those who were close to this Mulla, then the crowed responded by brutally attacking Farkhunda, by beatings, relentless kicks, throwing her body from a bridge, driving a car over her body, then burn her body and the crowed were not satisfied they throw her charred remains into the river.
What really worth noting here is that the crowed were outraged and decided to destroy a human life as a response to the allegation of burning the Quran. And these attackers were not affiliated with extremist groups and not members of ISIS or Al-Qaeda, rather they are urbanized average young males growing up in the capital city Kabul. In summary they were not motivated by extremist views, they only acted in accordance to the teachings of our Muslim doctrine. And the Muslim opinions throughout the media and social networks, were focused only about the false allegations of burning the Quran. In fact many Muslim scholar’s opinions stating that if the allegation of burning the Quran were true then she got what she deserved but they expressed their displeasure for the fact that these crowds did not confirm these allegation of burning the Quran before their brutal attack against this honorable lady, Farkhunda. So in essence Muslims seem to be in agreement that burning the Quran is punishable by death by beating, stoning, burning or any other brutal methods. Unfortunately, at no time no one raised the notion that even if these allegations were true; burning the quran, is it justifiable to end human life.
This really confirm that Muslims worships their belief system, the Quran, the prophet and other aqeeda-belief, symbols. The question I ask everyone that “who says that burning the Quran is punishable by death? and furthermore who says that insulting the prophet of Islam is punishable by death. These kinds of beliefs truly signify one important fact that is the Muslim teaching is NOT centered around the “Human being” rather it signify the fact that our Muslim doctrine is centered around the teachings of the Muslim jurists-Fuqaha. The Quran puts the Human being at the center of religion, and at the center of the Message of all of God messengers
In other words that religion, the Quran and the all of God messages conveyed to his messengers, are there to serve the Human being. Muslims seem to take it the way around, they are under the belief that the human being suppose to serve the religion. If we were to gather the entire copies of the Quran in the world and set them on fire it will not effect the message of the Quran and that the Human life worth far more than all of the Qurans in the world. The human being is more honorable than the “Kaba” , as stated by Prophet Mauhammad. And the Human being is the most sacred entity from among the entire creation of God.
The murder of Farkhunda is not an isolated incident rather it hit a cord deep within the fundamentals of our Muslim doctrine. And it should open a candid debate about the legitimacy of the adopted corporal punishment regarding burning the Quran, or insulting the Prophet of Islam and other brutal practices adpoted by the Muslim Shari’a Laws.

Muslim should stop worshiping the “aqeeda, belief system” and begin worshiping the Absolute God, not the sectarian nor the religious God.

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