Shiites Muslims dishonor Lady Fatima Al-Zahra but they are unaware of it!!!

It is unfortunate that the Shiite Muslims follow a doctrine that is fundamentally based on stories of fantasy and folk tales. The first of such stories is the infamous story of “breaking the rib of Fatima Al-Zahra” and other stories in which condemning, cursing and delegitimizing the companions of the Prophet Mohammad and other trivial ideas that do not feed the hungry nor cloth the destitute, heal the sick and caring for orphans. It does not contribute to the betterment of human conditions and the advancement of our human civilization.
These tendentious teachings that led to the fragmentation of social fabric and decay of human moral values of Muslim societies, have curtailed the universal role of “ahlul Bait, Prophet’s household” in guiding humanity. Unfortunately it has made Fatima Zahra, this great woman who‘s mission was to strive for the sake of the universal values and principles of Mankind, a woman preoccupied with only material and mundane things, mainly the issue of her inheritance from her father, specifically the “land of Fadak”. In addition it has also made her a woman whose main characteristics is “anger”, where Shiite scholars with their followers propagate with conviction this hateful narrative that Fatima was angry at the first Muslim caliph, Abu Bakr, and they alleged that she requested her family not to allow Abu Bakr to attend her funeral after her death.
These allegations are detrimental to Lady Fatima’s legacy, if we were to assume that the Shiites’ allegations are to be true then in essence, they insinuate that she does not have the moral and ethical capacity to exercise forgiveness toward the first Caliph Abu Bakr. How dare they accuse Fatima to remain angry until her death and not have the desire to forgive Abu Bakr while the Quran highlight that the most important quality of true believer is pardon and forgiveness of others. In addition, how can we take Fatima as role model in exercising pardon and forgiveness towards others if the Shiites continue to emphasize on these kinds of teachings and ridicules claims. These ideas and beliefs lead to spark ideological differences, stirring sectarian dissention and propagate bigotry and hatred between the followers of the same religion.

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