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Evolution of the Egyptian Revolution

Tweet Ever since Mubarak regime ousted from power last year by the incredible Egyptian popular revolution Egypt political future has remained unclear. Tahrir Square protests still ongoing and violence is often the aroma of these events. The sudden eruption of … Continue reading

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Iranian Lawmakers turned into Trouble Makers

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Tweet                 The fever of pro democratic movement in the Middle East, has moved to the streets of Tehran. Despite the Government brutal crackdown on the pro Democracy demonstrators, thousands managed to hold many … Continue reading

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Tribute to the Egyptian Revolution

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Tweet My deepest congratulations to the people of Egypt for the extraordinary victory over dictatorship and injustice. The people of Egypt earned the respect of the world for their determinations and perseverance for their quest to freedom and dignity. I … Continue reading

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Why this Blog?

Tweet I have been contemplating about this blog for sometime and kept postponing it due to my busy schedule. But then recently I could not wait any longer due to the recent events in the Middle East, particularly in Tunisia … Continue reading

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