Why this Blog?

I have been contemplating about this blog for sometime and kept postponing it due to my busy schedule. But then recently I could not wait any longer due to the recent events in the Middle East, particularly in Tunisia and most importantly the extraordinary events in Egypt.

I have been writing in another blog since 2007, called “katib.wordpress.com” but I have decided to launch this one to take a more candid look at world affairs and particularly the Middle East.

I am of a Muslim denomination raised in Baghdad which is of a diverse nature of different kinds of people and various religious backgrounds and schools of thoughts. This unique early environment made me more tolerant to the other.

Over the years living among the Canadian society I have learned a lot and enabled me to intellectually evolve. Consequently I have developed a different outlook on life and particularly on the very religion I embrace; Islam.

So I will mostly dedicate this blog on new understanding of Islam and other intellectual fields.


Adill Hissan

About Adill Hissan

Public speaker, business man, writer. Studied Physics, engineering, philosophy, religions.
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