Love is life itself

Love is life itself..
Love in the the Arabic is ” ‘hubb-حُب” (Quran 38:32) and it is derived from the same root word of ” ‘habba-حٓبّة ” which literally means “grain” its plural is ” ‘habb-حٓبّ ” (Quran: 6:695)

This etymological relationship, between those two words mentioned above, underlines a profound concept of the Absolute truth. It is evident that the grain is the source of life for all plantations on Earth. In other words the grain is the fundamental constituent of the existence of plants. This follows that ” ‘hubb-love” is the the fundamental principle of the cosmological existence. It is the most vital principle of our humanity.
Love will give different meaning to life.
Love is a manifestation of God the Absolute.
Love is the silhouette of the universal Truth.
Love is a confirmation of our humanity within.
Love is life itself.

Adill Hissan

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