The plight of Muslims with the so-called “Sunnah” as a source of divine legislation

The plight of Muslims with the so-called “Sunnah” as a source of divine legislation.

It is known that the doctrines of the Sunni and Shia Muslims consider the Sunnah as a source of divine legislation beside the Quran. Sunni Muslims rely on Saheeh al-Bukhari and Muslim as an official book of the Sunnah and take it as a source of legislation complementary to the Qur’an. Furthermore, the respected Sunni Muslim scholars consider their collections of Hadith, Bukhari & Muslim as infallible and hence it is given the status of divinity. As for the respected Shiites Muslim scholars they seem to be more lenient in that they do not confine the sources of the Prophetic Sunnah to two books only, but they have more than that and are known as four “alkafi, man-la-yahdarhu-alfaqih, alistib’sar, altahdeeb” It is worth mentioning here, however, shiitte scholars , in theory, they do not ascribe infallibility to these four books but in reality they do. Similarly Shiite scholars they consider these Hadith books as supplementary to the Holy Quran and hence take them as source of divine legislations.
The result of this painful reality has yielded two images of the so-called “Sunnah of the Prophet” and all claims that their image is the most correct and a true representation of the truth. Consequently this led to the production of two different images of the Holy Prophet, even though they are unaware of it, a Sunni messenger and a Shiite messenger.
Having said that, here I would like to say in all fairness that the blame does not fall on these distinguished Hadith scholars such as, Bukhari, Muslim, Tusi, Alhurra alamily and others from both sides, Shiite and Sunni, and I sincerely say may God reward them all for their great efforts in leaving for us a wonderful collection of Hadiths as a window to the past generations and give us the chance to learn from their experiences. So, I believe that the blame rests on a nation who have taken these respected books as a source of divine legislations with the knowledge that all of these books contain weak Hadith, strong, popular and unpopular and then they devised different sciences to deal with them, including defamation-jar’h, modification-t’adeel and men’s science-ilm alrijal, etc..And this nation did not consider even for one moment that there are no such things and attributes or classifications in respect to the Quran, and that non of them dare to say that there is any weak or strong Quranic verse and there is no various Hadith authentication rules to subject the verses of the Quran to. And if this nation were to pay attention to very important fact referred to by the Qur’an and that is a marvelous method to determine the viability of these books to be considered as sources of legislations from God. And this important fact pointed out by the Qur’an is that it has put forward a fantastic rule to confirm the credibility of any book and wether to be attributed to God Almighty or not, as in 4:82:
If it were from other than God, they would find a great difference in it.” – 4: 82
This verse is very clear in establishing an important rule which states that if there are difrences and contridictions in any book, which is the case in the Hadith books, then such book or books are aught to be rendered not from God and hence no divine status is attributed to them ie they can not be a soutce of divine legistlation . Furthrmore, this nation knows well that all of these respected books are not from God in absolute certainty and that all are aware of the fact that all of these books of hadiths are only attributed to the Holy Prophet without any degree of absolute certainty as that of the Quran. And that all Muslims with all of the various schools of thoughts are in agreement that these books are not from God. Furthermore, It is known to everyone that there is a lot of differences in these books and these differences confirm that it is not from God according to the methodology of the verse mentioned in 4:82 above. And if it is not from God as confirmed by the above and as recognized by the all Muslims, then how could this nation to take these books as divine source of legislation and say to the followers of Shiites and Sunnis that this is the Shari’a of God . How can the law of God be that it is not from God? What happened in reality is that this nation adopted these books and strived to give it a sacred dress and they presented them as being the Shari’a law of God to their followers but in fact it represents the “law of the jurist” and made it dominant over the Quran. It is worth mentioning here that there is absolutely no mention of the term “sharia of God”

so “ponder O people of cores- ya ulol albab ”
Adill Hissan
Ottawa, Canada

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