The Syrian uprising and the counter revolution


The Arab spring in Egypt and Tunisia took the world by surprise. In fact, the various world powers-the western powers as well as the Islamists groups such as Al Qaeda, Muslim brotherly of Egypt, etc.,  were not prepared to prevent nor contain these events. More than a year have already passed which gave these various Powers to regroup and plot their own counter revolution tactics to mold the Arab spring events into their own image.

Unfortunately, the people of Syria can be considered the first victim of this counter revolution which mainly orchestrated by the “Muslim Religious Establishment”; particularly the Wahhabi-Salafi and The Muslim Brotherly; Al-Ikhwan, alliance. However, Al-Qaeda elements have injected themselves into the game, as an intruder and their involvement may not necessarily sanctioned by the major Islamists groups-the Wahhabi-Salafi establishment, which are sanctioned by the Saudi regime and Qatar ruling Monarchies, as well as the Muslim Brotherly Movement.

It is worth mentioning here that the most powerful tactic which is being utilized and exploited, in the counter revolution, particularly in the case of Syria and Bahrain, is the sectarian factor, Sunni-Shiite conflict. Syria has been ruled by a Ba’ath party which is non theocratic regime and has nothing to do with either sect of the Muslims Sunni or Shiite. The top leadership religious background are belong to the “Alwite sect” which is an off shoot of Shiite.  It is worth noting here that during the American intervention in Iraq the same Syrian regime have allied themselves with Wahabi-Salafi and Al-Qaeda groups to launch a holy war Jihad against the new Iraqi gevernment and the American forces. Syrian government offer logistic, millitary hardware and training to these Sunni Muslim terrorists to murder innocent Iraqis and attack the American forces in Iraq. Those Muslim terrorists had no reservation in dealing with the Syrian regime in their murder campaign “holy jihad” against Iraq for nearly ten years; since 2003 till recently. Surprisingly those Salafi Muslim criminals, overnight, considers the Syrian regime a Shiite and depicted it as minority ruling over the Sunni majority. The real reason behind this sudden shift is because the Arab Sunni regimes are threatened by the ever growing Iranian influence in the Muslim world. Syria had been an ally of Iran since the advent of the Islamic revolution of Iran. So, the Syrian regime is not the main target here rather Iran is. Syrian regime is seen by the west and the Sunni Gulf states as an Iranian proxy along with Hezbollah of Lebanon. Hence removing the Syrian regime will definitely weaken Iran’s influence in the region. Therefore the Sunni Muslim establishment decided to hijack the Syrian aspiration for freedom and exploit the Sunni-Shiite dispute. It is worth noting here that this Sunni Muslim establishment are being used by the Arab authoritarian regimes, namely Saudi Arabia and Qatar. Those regimes are family Mafia type one family controls the entire country. They have used the Sunni Muslim establishment to hijack the the wind of change in the Arab world.

The Syrian people were robed of the prospect of true democracy and freedom. All the facts on the grounds in Syria seem to suggest that the Islamists (*) have bounced, like a Hyena, on the Syrian aspiration for freedom, and took control of it. Such reality put the western powers at odds with the Syrian drama and they are struggling  with their own desire in implementing their own designed counter revolution model on Syria. The western powers working very hard to figure out a way which ultimately would lead to secure their interests. The west are very much aware of the Saudi and Qatari direct involvement in the counter revolution schemes against the Arab spring and they are watching very closely such schemes. Frankly speaking it is not surprising for the US to join forces with Saudis and Qatar to support the Islamists in their devious campaign of counter revolution. Ironically, a similar scenario-but in reverse circumstanses (**), occurred almost two decades ago, during the liberation of Kuwait 1990 from the Army of Saddam Hussein. In this case the Shiite Iraqis were robed of their freedom when the Shiite Fundamentalists backed by Iran took charge of the Iraqi popular uprising which was incited and called out by George W Bush the Father.

Adill Hissan


(**) In this case, the majority of Iraq population are Shiite Muslims ruled by Sunni Muslim minority, regime. The Iraqi Shiite were victims of the perceived threat of Iranian Shiite regime influence and threat against the Sunni majority of the Muslim world. But in the case   of Syria although there are the reverse circumstances-the majority are Sunni Muslims ruled by an off shoot of Shiite sect, the Syrian people have become victims of the same threat as was in Iraq case back in 1990, which is the Iranian factor, because Syria is considered by the west and the Arab and other Muslim countries-both are of Sunni background, to be as the proxy of Iran in the Sunni world.

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