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Ramadan and The Stations of Guidance

Tweet Ramadan and ma’qamat alhuda Metaphysical perspective “Month of Ramadan, in which the Qur’an was sent down as guidance unto mankind and clear proofs of the guidance, and of the differentiator (by which to discern the true from the false). 2:185” ….. (3) … Continue reading

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The Syrian uprising and the counter revolution

Tweet   The Arab spring in Egypt and Tunisia took the world by surprise. In fact, the various world powers-the western powers as well as the Islamists groups such as Al Qaeda, Muslim brotherly of Egypt, etc.,  were not prepared … Continue reading

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The Bahrain uprising and the double standard of the West

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Tweet               One year already passed since the popular uprising in Bahrain. The world has watched in awe the brutal suppression by the ruling Monarchy of Peaceful demonstrators . The western power’s reaction was … Continue reading

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Evolution of the Egyptian Revolution

Tweet Ever since Mubarak regime ousted from power last year by the incredible Egyptian popular revolution Egypt political future has remained unclear. Tahrir Square protests still ongoing and violence is often the aroma of these events. The sudden eruption of … Continue reading

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Tribute to the Egyptian Revolution

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Tweet My deepest congratulations to the people of Egypt for the extraordinary victory over dictatorship and injustice. The people of Egypt earned the respect of the world for their determinations and perseverance for their quest to freedom and dignity. I … Continue reading

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